This article applies to Alerts widget

This feature available only for  premium account

Fast video tutorial

You can configure different alerts options (so image, font, animation and else) for different donation amount.

For example you can display one image for 100 tokens donation and another image for 200 tokens.
You can create any amount of variations and configure any available options.

To create amount variation go to the Alerts dashboard and click on "Create" button:
Now on the "Condition" tab you should see two input fields for range:Input required tokens range (so if you want to display specific image for tokens in range from 100 to 200 - input 100 in "From" field and 200 in "To" field) and click "check mark" button.

New range appeared above:
You can switching between ranges by clicking on this bar buttons.

If you want to remove range - select required range, go to the "Condition" tab and click on x-mark button.

You also can disable some ranges - for example if you want to temporary hide one of them, select required range, go to the "Condition" tab and set "disable this range" checkbox.

If you want to show only alerts in specific ranges and don't want to show alerts for any donations - go to "Any other" range and mark "disable this range" checkbox.