If you want to use all TipAlerts features without restrictions you can purchase premium account.

Next features would be unlocked with premium account:

Also premium users first get all new features.

How to purchase?

Currently available two options:

  • donation on Patreon with credit card or PayPal
  • payment with credit card (available only for users from Russia)

To use any of these options go to the Settings page https://tipalerts.com/settings and click on Purchase button.

Payment with Patreon

This option available for all countries and we recommend to use them.
Go to https://www.patreon.com/join/tipalerts/checkout?rid=2342021 and Sign Up.

Please note that on Patreon you should use same email address as your account email address on TipAlerts. It's very important because otherwise we cannot connect you payment on Patreon with account on TipAlerts.

After Sign Up purchase $5 for basic account or $10 for premium with any payment method suitable for you.
Congratulations! Now you can use TipAlerts.

Premium account activated immediately after purchasing. Sometime requires 5-10 minutes to sync our base with Patreon. If your account not activated within 1 hour, please write us.

Payment with credit card

This option currently available only for users from Russia. We find ways to make this option available for others countries. If you not from Russia, please use Patreon for purchase premium account. On Patreon you can pay with credit card or PayPal.

On Settings page click Purchase button and fill payment form. Then you should follow payment gateway suggestions. After successful pay you would redirected to the TipAlerts and your premium account would activated within 5-10 minutes. Please write us if activation is not finished within 1 hour.