After registration you can start using TipAlerts.

On home page you can see list of available widgets, currently available Alerts and Goals.

Click on any widget, because Alerts widget is required to make goals working we start from Alerts. We recommend you to start from Alerts but basically it is not matter.

After open widget at the top of page you should see this panel:

Firstly you need to let TipAlerts know what is the your chaturbate id. It's required because without this information we don't know who you on Chaturbate.
Just copy link to your page on chaturbate (for example and insert it in this field or write you chaturbate id directly.After click on Continue button.

Great! At now you should see this panel:

This URL is required to make it working on your stream.

Next - open OBS. If you don't use OBS before - just install them from It's also free.

Please read our Requirements article if you do not want to use OBS.

In OBS you should see something like this:Just click on plus sign on the Sources panel:

And select Browser in menu:

If you don't see Browser in this menu - you installed minified version of OBS. Please download full version at  

Next you should see this window:

Just input any name or leave as is and click OK button:

In this window you need to insert copied "Widget URL" in the field "URL".Also we recommend yo set Width and Height fields to fit you stream sizes, but you can leave them as is or set something you want. You should remember that this sizes is size-limits of TipAlerts widget.
After that click on OK button.

Congratulations! You configured you widget and now you can send Test alert to see how it looks, configure widget or just start stream and surprise your fans.